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Take Caution with the Common Web Design Element

As we know, pros and cons can be argued for almost everything in life. This becomes obvious with some of the more common web design elements, as their widespread use uncovers what makes them great and what makes them not so great. Here we explain why you should take caution with some of the more common web design elements that you may choose to include in your website.

Fashionable Fonts
Using more unique and stylised fonts can be visually appealing and add a characteristic edge to your website design; but they can also be difficult to read and understand. This can be especially true on mobile devices which have smaller screens. Consider this if you are thinking to implement this common web design element. Depending on your particular website design and interface, it may be better to use these sparingly for bigger and more legible headline areas as opposed to blocks of webpage text. Having a strong visual identity is always a good thing, but not when it compromises the usability of your website.

Sleek Sliders
Image sliders, also known as carousels, are a common web design element to place above the fold on home pages and landing pages. This is a type of gallery that can be set to play automatically and display different images in a slideshow after a set amount of seconds or minutes. As they offer the visitor different images all in the one place, they are used quite regularly on websites. Studies and insights have shown however that it is very rare that visitors will click / tap onto any other images in the slideshow, nor do they stay at that part of the page long enough for the second and third images etc. to appear automatically. Due to this, the slider can be an unnecessary drag on your website speed.

Transparent Tiles
To keep the likes of social media follow or sharing options near to website visitors at all times, using a transparent or semi-transparent tile or box that follows the visitor is a common web design element. This can be rendered so that as the visitor scrolls down the webpage, the tile can follow them and remain off to the side to promote the content within it (such as the social options mentioned). While this popular web design element can be useful to help promote or highlight something, it can also get in the way and cover existing webpage content. Due to this, it can actually become more of an annoyance and hindrance that can deter your visitors from reading and navigating through your website further.

As you can see, even some of the most widely used website design elements have their drawbacks. It makes sense to know and understand the pros and cons of each and every part of your website to ensure you provide an optimum experience for your website visitors – to help them convert and become customers and clients of yours. The Webheads team inform you of what to expect with every part of your website, to ensure you get a perfectly custom website both on time and on budget.

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