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3d secure v2 explained

3D Secure V2 Explained

Did you know that we here at Webheads can implement advanced payment gateways for your business and business website? One of the biggest updates to this in 2019 is that of the new EU payment services directive (PSD2) and so here we have 3D secure v2 explained to you in this blog post about how it will play a major part.

In short, PSD2 introduces extra security protocols particularly when it comes to eCommerce transactions. With this is the proposal of new laws to bolster customer rights, to make the online marketplace more competitive (in an effort to increase fairness) and to foster a sense of innovation too. To bring these into place, from the 14th of September 2019 all eCommerce payments and transactions are to be processed by means of secured industry standard protocols – like 3D secure. How will this work from September the 14th onwards? Expect the likes of two-factor authentication to become more commonplace as transactions will require specific pieces of information to proceed in what is deemed as a safe way.

These pieces of information will include at least two of the following what are known as ‘strong customer authentication’ requirements. One can be based on customer knowledge such as a password or pin code, one can be based on customer possession such as a piece of ID or specific device (such as a smartphone) and one can be based on inherence such as a fingerprint. Webheads can help with the implementation and infrastructure of your website to configure correctly with this new set of rules and ensure that your eCommerce transactions continue without interruption or major interference. Businesses are advised to be ready for this change in advance of September the 14th if they want to limit (or outright avoid) any disruption to their services.

With this, it makes sense to have 3D Secure v2 explained to show how this will play a part. This has already been published and assists with PSD2 by supporting the likes of transaction authentication via biometrics (like a face ID or fingerprint), payment pages that work responsively on any device type and even a seamless transaction flow where the customer is unaware that the relevant authentication has even taken place. As a leading London web agency, Webheads can help you prepare and plan for PSD2 with 3D Secure v2 and your website poised and primed to perform perfectly up to and after September the 14th 2019.