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2019 website design trends graphic of man holding a colourful content block to design a website

2019 Website Design Trends

Here we take a look at some of the trends predicted to become popular in website design throughout 2019. As experts in custom website design, we here at Webheads can design and deploy a website for you using any of these predicted trends - or indeed any design and style of your liking.

Shapes – Organic and Geometric
Both geometric and organic shapes are poised to become much more popular as part of 2019 website design trends. Moving away from the more fluid and sleek shapes that were widespread in 2018, more familiar (organic) and striking (geometric) shapes can be seen as a disruptive design choice to attract attention and draw the eye towards certain content blocks and parts of your website design. The use of shapes such as these offer a versatile and cohesive approach as they can be crafted and curated to complement, rather than distract from, your custom website design.

Font – Standard and Bold
Last year saw a type of standardisation crawl into fonts and logos, with the Helvetica font becoming more and more prevalent. Global companies seemed to adopt this too – arguably leaning towards the familiar and offering customers and clients a friendly and familiar sight when interacting with their brand. This is set to continue into 2019 with the use of a bold typeface and larger font sizes being used to etch some differentiation into this familiarisation. As such, it becomes even more important to invest in a custom website design to overall have an edge over your competitors and a more unique selling point to your customers.

Usability – Immersive and Diverse
To achieve even more immersion, one can expect to see more life-like and 3-D images and animations come into play in 2019. This lifelike layer becomes more and more achievable as technology makes elements like these, which were once seen as complex, relatively easy to achieve. In tandem with this, ensuring that content is diverse and accessible for all (i.e. those with a hearing impediment or impaired use of their hands and arms) is also expected to become a defining frontier this year in website design. As part of 2019 website design trends, these two aspects can be seen as yet another element to expert user experience (UX) – an eternal website element which will arguably never falter.

With over twenty years of experience designing and deploying custom websites, Webheads are your perfect partner moving into 2019 and beyond. Our proven track record for on time and on budget website design means that you can trust us to turbocharge your web presence.