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Webheads / What we do / Motorsport livery design

Race car livery & motorsport design

The art of fast moving persuasion.
A complete service, from design through to production and application.

Webheads are total petrolheads. Over many years we’ve worked with some very big names in motorsport. Lotus & Caterham F1, Lewis Hamilton, Mission Motorsport. Aston Martin Motorsport, ByKolles LMP1 team, ELMS, Virage Motorsport, BRDC, BRSCC …

Watching countless races, up-close in the pits and out on track, we realised that many of the cars don’t really think about overall livery design in a strategic way. Most of the time race car livery is a case of finding a gap and positioning a logo.

Strategic thinking before logos
We look at a race car and think: how can we best make your total livery/sponsorship package work in a way that excites your commercial supporters and enhances the ‘wow factor’ of the car for the fans?

We are applying our brand impact knowledge to the creation of very fast moving marketing. How can we make your race car livery –

  • More distinctive
  • More relevant to your specific target markets
  • More exciting and persuasive to everyone

Every project is bespoke. The service is available for all formulas and classes of car. If you would like an estimate, simply call or email us today. We need to know the car you are driving (photographs please) and an initial outline of your existing livery/sponsorship package with relevant logos. We will then get back to you with an estimate of all design and production costs.
I want to make my race car livery more exciting, more effective.