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The Instagram Creator Studio

Following the launch of the Facebook creator studio back in 2017, now we also have access to the Instagram Creator Studio which works in a similar way to manage and monitor your businesses social content. We examine it in more detail here but remember too that we at Webheads offer social media management services should your business or brand need it to grow and prosper.

Planning Your Posts
Arguably one of the most useful features of the Instagram Creator Studio is the ability to schedule posts ahead of time (just like can be done on Facebook). Note however that it does not allow you to visually plan a series of posts in a calendar format like some software does. Rather you can plan individual posts as you need which is useful when planning a post to launch a sale or event etc. This frees up your time in that you don’t have to physically be using the app in order to keep fresh content being posted to it. To remove this task from your workload completely, get in touch with Webheads about our social media management services.

Exploring Your Insights
The creator studio is currently only available on desktop and this offers some niche features which can see more of a benefit over mobile. Namely, the traditionally bigger screens on desktop devices allow you to get a more encompassing view of your post and profile insights. There will be slightly different insights available when comparing grid posts to story posts; but both work to show you how successful your content has been with audience interaction, engagement and more. It is also worth noting that the creator studio only tracks insights on a seven day basis and so you will need to go back to the Instagram app to manually check for any historical insights (and with that, insights will only be available through the creator studio from the date you starting using the studio).

Management Made Easier
The studio is designed to make your Instagram account easier to manage and maintain overall in terms of content and insights. It does have its limitations however and may not be the perfect solution for your needs. Webheads can offer you social media services as a considered alternative and a bespoke plan for what your brand and business needs to grow. We are a leading London web agency with over three decades in business and have tracked and traced the growth of social media and harnessed it’s power for our many happy and loyal clients (see some of them here).