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How a Seasonal Website can Remain Relevant all Year Round

Like certain products, some websites find the most use during certain seasons/periods of the year. Yet when this timeframe ends, the website should not sit dormant gathering digital dust until the time arrives to shine again. Rather, time specific websites should adapt to integrate all year round to retain a stream of visitors and customers to tide it over until peak season returns. For this to happen, the website needs to be well designed and managed/maintained by a professional digital agency such as Webheads.

One of the more recent additions to our sprawling client portfolio is that of Santa Holidays from Canterbury Travel which specialises in holidays to Lapland and meets and greets with Santa Claus himself. Understandably, their seasonal website sees the most traffic and interaction in the winter season during the run up to Christmas. However they also offer summer trips to Lapland by highlighting how ‘unspoiled’ and magical the country is all year round. This is reflected in the text and copywriting of the website in a way which reveals to the website visitors that Lapland is a destination that can be visited and enjoyed all year round. Due to this reliance on text, we implement a clear and wide page layout design to accommodate the legible text and typeface.

But on off-peak seasons, the seasonal website remains live for good reason. Whether planning a trip abroad to Lapland or even planning to buy a product, there is always an element of research undertaken first by the potential customer. Therefore it is pivotal that up to date content is live on these websites all year round. In this way, visitors can see the prices, lead times and availability for Lapland in the summer and winter of 2017 for example when the 2016 peak season ends. In terms of the user experience and design, it meant that the Webheads team had to implement a design that was in essence timeless to fit in with their shifting schedule. We successfully achieved this by use of the eternally useful header, a tiled picture layout with built in links and with social media plugins to relay up to date posts and information from the likes of FaceBook etc.

The skills of a digital agency like Webheads (established over twenty years ago) can look after any type of website all year round. This includes the optimising of content, updates of plugins etc., tailoring for newer trends (i.e. mobile responsiveness) and taking regular site backups. Our clients give us repeat business time and time again because once they meet us and realise what we can do for them, there is no need for anybody else to look after your website and online marketing needs.

Santa Claus in Lapland