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Our Success with Travel Website Design

Webheads are extremely adept and successful when it comes to custom website designs for the travel industry. Our expert, integrated web team have designed and deployed many travel and tourism related websites for major cities around the world. These have all been a great success – converting visitors into customers in tandem with boosting tourism around the world. Here we showcase some of these many successes.

We have been working with the Leisure Pass Group since 2010 on travel website design that is engaging and responsive for worldwide visitors and locations. In 2013, we designed the website for The London Pass – a website to encourage the sale of a travel card to give access to a wide range of London’s top attractions. This website was nothing short of a revolution in adaptive eCommerce website design. As owner of Webheads JM Littman explains “The Leisure Pass Group wanted a fantastic website that would engage customers without over-selling; a website that did not just sell an access card to London’s premier tourist locations, but one that offered customers a complete, customer-focused London experience. Also, they wanted a website that could be accessed anywhere by any customer, so adaptability was at the top of our agenda.” The results were something very special with tangible results and conversions for the Leisure Pass Group as stated by Louis Johnson, (Online Marketing Manager at Leisure Pass Group) “There has been a general increase in conversions but also a dramatic rise in tablet conversions of over 50%. The new London Pass site has improved the image of our product seen by the thousands of global visitors the site receives every day.”

A further travel website design was designed for the Leisure Pass Group for London in the form of The London Explorer Pass. This promoted a more niche offering for those who wanted to navigate the city like a pro with options for hop-on hop-off public travel, the option for picking the amount of tours / attractions to visit and the ability to use the pass on a mobile phone using the free app. By now the SVP of Global Marketing, Louis Johnson commented “Webheads have delivered again for Leisure Pass Group! A slick web design centred around the customer and product. All produced within an incredible tight timeline. Great work!” As you can see, clients choose Webheads time and time again for custom website designs that reach goals, make conversions and are delivered both on time and on budget.

Other worldwide destinations have also received the magic Webheads touch of our travel website design with custom website designs that are poised and primed to convert visitors into customers – adding to the tourism industry of each respective destination. This includes The Cape Town Pass, beautifully designed using the colour scheme of the South African flag and filled with stunning high-resolution imagery of the many attractions that the pass is affiliated with. Due to our reputation for consistently designing these highly successful travel and tourism websites, Webheads were also commissioned to design and deploy pass websites for Dublin, Helsinki and Vienna too. Each and every one has been successful for a reason. Due to the Webheads expertise and passion for custom website design that is responsive and infused with a stellar user experience (UX); how can they not be successful?

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