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How to Nurture your Organic SEO Efforts

As you may know, there are two main types of SEO – organic (unpaid) and paid search engine optimisation efforts. An example of a paid method is that of online ads such as Google Advertising and remarketing. Here we take a look at how to bolster and buttress your unpaid SEO efforts (blogs and webpages etc.). It is important that your website contains optimised organic SEO elements whether you avail of paid options or not. This gives your website the best chance to reach potential customers and make conversions.

Examples of Organic SEO
Organic SEO are the elements which you do not have to necessarily use a third-party for. They are tasks that you can complete yourself to increase the presence of websites on search engines. A blog entry is an example of organic SEO, as is the creation of a webpage. Once these are both optimised with relevant keywords and meet certain criteria (i.e. a minimum of three-hundred words); these are organically used to increase your websites chances of reaching people online. Adding relevant keywords to the alt text fields of images and having correct meta descriptions are two more examples of organic SEO practices. Organic SEO tasks such as these are impactful, but also menial and time consuming. Many businesses choose to hire a digital agency to look after these organic SEO elements for them.

Nurturing your Organic SEO
To ensure that your organic SEO efforts work to the best of their ability and are not in vain; they will require some upkeep and nurturing. Your blog for example should be updated at least once a week with high quality, optimised content. Each of your webpages are required to have meta descriptions which render for both desktop and mobile devices, as well as a consistent keyword within the URL and the content of the page itself. Likewise all images on your website should be compressed to save space (and also reduce loading times) and have relevant keyword alt text in place. To nurture your website properly is to nurture your organic SEO efforts – therefore nurturing the leads and potential conversions for your business.

Webheads Can Help
As an expert digital agency with a plethora of experience under our belts (over twenty years!), get in touch with the Webheads team if you need any help at all with maintaining your organic SEO efforts. Our team of digital marketing specialists, custom website designers and copywriters can enhance and nurture your organic SEO so you do not have to worry about a thing.

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