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Ecommerce and PCI Compliancy – Is your business at risk?

Credit card numbers, customer information, secure storage and PCI compliancy. It sounds like stormy waters, doesn’t it? Well it could be, but the good news is that with Webheads’ partnership with Sage Pay, we make the whole thing as smooth as a millpond. 

So what does that mean for your business? Well, it means that complex integrations between payment gateways and your ecommerce site are not normally necessary.  That’s good news for both cost and compliancy.

The right solution for the vast majority of our clients is what we refer to as an ‘iFrame’. In simple terms, it means that as your customer checks out, they are actually taken to the Sage Pay site for their card processing. No card information is held on your server, SagePay take all the risk and you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance. Brilliant!

The reality is that even large multinationals now use this method to transact payments through ecommerce. It’s more cost-effective, secure and seamless to the customer. The check out process is even branded like the rest of your site and the customer is redirected back to your site afterwards. To them, it looks simply as if they are moving from one page to the next.

This beautiful simplicity means that Webheads’ partnership with Sage Pay is transacting millions of pounds a year through our clients’ sites. Take a minute to have a look at some of our work. Retail clients can be accommodated with terminals for chip and pin card payments onsite and Sage Pay also provide international options.

Whatever your ecommerce and card payment requirements, Webheads has the ability to marry our award winning creativity with safe and secure business transactions without you taking any of the risk. Get in touch with us today.


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