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How we Create Luxury Website Design Interfaces

When brands want to convey via their website the luxury that their products and services entrust to their clientele, they contact the Webheads team to do just that. We are adept at creating luxury website design interfaces that really stand out against more standard fare. Indeed all of our website designs are fully bespoke and responsive so the work of Webheads really does stand out against the more standard fare.

The website we designed for Senzati illustrates this point well. Senzati provide VIP transportation for their clients in their luxuriously modified Mercedes vehicles with their flagship being that of the Jet Sprinter. To showcase this expansive (and expensive) vehicle, we made sure to utilise full screen imagery which went edge to edge for the screens of both desktop and mobile devices. This allowed every detail of the vehicles to be showcased such as the embossed leather seats, sound and screen systems and spacious tinted windows and sunroof. Straplines accompanied these images explaining for example that the vehicles can be further customised to suit specific client requests and journeys.

While visual aspects are important to convey luxury aesthetics, we were also sure not to neglect the functionality of the website. To facilitate this, we added a header of tabs above the image to act as the main navigational aid. The dewy gray font and hover fade blended nicely with the white background of the header to complement rather than distract from the imagery. The flat face font used also kept things simply understated and tied in nice with both the Senzati logo and Mercedes Benz fonts. These elements show how the functionality of a header can become luxurious and classy in appearance when designed using a bespoke methodology. While some may view these points as trivial, we understand that even the smallest of details is important to consider when it comes to the luxury market and corresponding luxury website design.

Staying with the aspect of details, we were sure to never force any aggressive sales details onto the website visitors. While contact details are important, they were confined to their own tab but also transcribed in the footer of each of the webpages. Linking to social media accounts was also handled with a similar manner with the respective FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter logos nestled inconspicuously in the footer also. As a final flourish of finesse, the website was made available in German, French, Dutch and Russian to reach clientele abroad. When it comes to a luxury website design, the team at Webheads know how to deliver and this instance, Senzati knew this too.