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Bykolles Hypercar

Creating Hype with the ByKolles Hypercar

Websites can exist for various different reasons. Some are simply for information exchange, others have an online shop and eCommerce element and some may have the likes of account and login aspects to fulfil certain tasks. Yet another aspect is to build hype, just like what we designed and deployed for the ByKolles Hypercar.

Built in a landing page style, this project began as a way to showcase and build up a reveal for the ByKolles Hypercar – tentatively due to be released in 2020. Starting life as a one-page website, it only included the necessary information in order to entice the website visitors to want to know more. Therefore it included high-quality images and graphics related to the car and a direct and effective user experience (UX) that seamlessly led visitors to a subscriber form. Here they could input their e-mail address to receive news and updates in the lead up to the reveal date.

By not giving away too much information, this can build a sense of hype and leave website visitors wanting more. That is why the copy on the website only alluded to certain aspects and teased with words and phrases such as ‘the final touches’ and ‘follow our next steps’. To make this as effective as possible, the brand offering needs to be positioned perfectly so as to remind website visitors the reason in which they have sought this information in the first place. So our considered use of the brand colours and logo etc. fosters this sense of genuine intention in terms of great things to come.

With all custom website designs that Webheads as a leading London web agency design and deploy, there is always an element of hype that is a natural byproduct of our work. Our conscious ethos is that the custom design should include an expert user experience (UX) to lead visitors to a certain action to fulfil the goal(s) of the business. Knowing this, clients choose us to turbocharge their online presence as they know they will get both on budget and on time website design that not only looks amazing, but performs amazingly too – bringing a bevy of benefits such as return on investment.

webheads bykolles hypercar image of grey sportscar atop a lime green and grey background