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Consultants Agency Testimonial

We are a medical recruitment company dealing only with Consultant doctors) was built over 6 years ago by Webheads and we were given the tools to update information as we needed to.

Webheads are always very quick to deal with any phone/email queries and resolve them, including when they were more email related ones rather than server ones.

We had a recent website upgrade as our business expanded and our website needs changed and Webheads were very quick and efficient and cost effective with the changes, which included navigation and new logo design etc, all which they did inhouse. As we changed our mind over little points they were very quick to update them. They also gave us their expert advice on what they felt worked or wouldnt work on a website, something I dont have specific knowledge of.

Moving forward, Webheads has really helped our web presence and I like knowing any issues i have they are just a phone call away and always answer and solve issues immediately.

Our website looks exactly like a medical recruitment website should look and its easier to use, informative and helping us with both our clients, NHS Hospitals and also our doctors.

Gill Trembecka