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Senzati Mercedes Vehicle Configurator

Senzati are a company which customises and upgrades Mercedes-Benz  into even more luxurious vehicles for their clients. We have worked with them for well over twenty years now, having already designed and deployed their custom website, to consistently keep their online presence both polished and profitable. Further enhancing their prestige and offering to their clients, we recently added a new incredible vehicle configurator as part of their website too.


“I’ve worked with the team at Webheads for twenty years and they have been a pleasure to deal with. I really appreciate how quickly they are able to respond and react to any request that comes up for the brand. It is not an exaggeration to say they are an essential part of both the brand and marketing mix overall and the success of the product would not have been this great without them on our side!”

Dave Clark – Owner

This configurator is a powerful online tool. It allows clients and potential clients alike to plan and pick the aspects of the vehicles for customisation and see these changes in real time with a hyper realistic render. Looking at the Jet Spec model for example, website users can tweak different aspects of the design and envision how the final result will look altogether.

Options for the ‘Centre Console and Side Furniture Trim Finish’ for example allow you to click / tap to see how carbon fibre, zebra wood or black birdseye would look. Likewise the ‘Additions’ tab presents options such as colour change fibre optic roof lighting, side curtains for the passenger cabin and more – all which spring into such a lifelike view with a simple click / tap.

What is great about this innovative configurator software is that it can be used for any product, not just luxury vehicle customisation. It allows for the customisation and lifelike preview for products on eCommerce websites (such as WooCommerce for example) to diversify the product offering and treat and tempt website visitors with even more options to consider. Think along the lines of clothing, flowers, furniture, jewellery and so much more – any product that can be made that bit more bespoke by tweaking it and customising it can benefit. Like with all of our custom website work, this configurator software is slick, speedy and responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. Senzati loved the end result of this upgrade we put in place for them as it allows them to use their online channel to perfectly encapsulate the work that they do; while also encouraging website visitors to indulge in their imaginations and divulge their dream vehicle design.

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