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Ram Racing

As much as we love custom website design and digital marketing, the Webheads team are also petrolheads at heart! So when Ram Racing came to us looking to have a custom website designed, it was a perfect match. Ram Racing are an international racing team based at Silverstone in England (a top GT3 racing team) and so we knew that a slick, speedy and high-octane website would be required to represent them online. With that, we got to work and utilised our skills as a team which have been honed over the past two decades in business and with working on motorsport website design.


Webheads created Ram Racing a high impact and super fast website. Pole position and an absolute victory. Great team work. Thank you

Previously we have worked with Daytona Motorsport, Lewis Hamilton, Quaife, Caterham Cars and Sport 21 among others – so we were well versed and highly experienced in this area. That being said, each and every one of our websites (regardless of industry) is fully bespoke and custom per client and so for Ram Racing we incorporated a hybrid model by incorporating this experience alongside an exciting new website design. As they are a part of the Edwin Lowe Group (who we have also worked with), we used the brand that we created and applied it with a racing flare. Using the industry-leading WordPress CMS responsive on both desktop and mobile, the homepage immediately featured a full-width banner of their cars in action on the track. Scrolling down brings up information on the team and profiles the team members and drivers.

As such, website visitors are drawn into learning more and more about Ram Racing – without even having to click / tap on any element. Wanting to keep the action and the forefront and the audience engaged with the main points of the brand and objective of the website; the simple header menu only featured ‘News’, ‘Gallery’ and ‘Get in Touch’ while likewise the footer housed the relevant contact information. A great example of a streamlined and powerful website, our custom website design and work with their web presence empowered Ram Racing with a robust and turbocharged vehicle (no pun intended) online. An addition to our examples of motorsport racing design, Ram Racing were delighted with the results and now had a curated online extension of their brand.

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