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New York Pass

Webheads launches The New York Pass eCommerce website

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  • Tourism eCommerce
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What do you think of when you hear the words ‘New York’? Those words conjure up so much – city streets, Broadway seats, subway cars and fashion weeks; the list goes on. So when we were tasked with creating a pass website for this cosmopolitan city, we knew we would have to carry out a balancing act. The balance being to make sure that all of the attractions that the pass card covered could fit on a custom made, responsive website that was swift, speedy and slick. The Webheads team have designed bespoke pass websites such as this for major international cities such as London and Rome; so we knew how to give the client (and their customers) exactly what they were looking for.

To cater for the sheer volume of attractions and amenities that the New York pass covers, we choose to use a full, widescreen design format. This meant that by simply landing on the homepage, website visitors had all the information they needed at a glance. This included a header with sections such as ‘New York Attractions’ and an ‘FAQ’ as well as a simple but effective ‘Buy Now’ button. To assist with conversions, a slider is visible too that cycles through five star reviews from the likes of The New York Times and Trustpilot. We made sure to place images in the most optimum space to entice rather than overwhelm the visitor. Therefore the use of graphics that allude to 3.5 million customers, over fifteen-thousand independent reviews and savings of up to 70% being made mean that these cleverly placed images served a dual purpose to be both visual and valuable.

Listing out the over 90 attractions that the New York pass can be used on was not necessarily a task. Rather formatting these to be accessible on the website was the testing part. We decided on a tiled layout for the attraction page that provided a thumbnail image of each attraction. A click or tap on one of these tiles brings the user to a dedicated page with more information about the particular attraction. As a list of 90 can be cumbersome to scroll through, we implemented both a filter (to view only the likes of museums of cruises etc.) and a map which plots where each attraction is based. This is a great example of the Webheads UX in action – cutting edge, bespoke website design that is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

In keeping with the theme of our other successful pass websites, the colour scheme used echoed with the colours of the American flag. This brought a combination of red, white and blue for a fittingly pleasant (and patriotic) colour palette that tied all of the elements of the website nicely together. As with every custom website design by Webheads, the New York pass website was also optimised for mobile devices and delivered both on time and on budget. When it comes to travel websites like the New York pass website, destination plays a big part in engagement, interaction and conversion. We are proud to be a part of this website that fosters engagement with potential customers through interaction with this stellar website and converts them into clients of the New York pass.

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