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Milroy’s of Soho

As London’s oldest whiskey specialists, we were delighted to be approached by Milroy’s when they wanted to revamp their online presence and integrate a powerful eCommerce and online shopping experience for their customers. We built them a custom website on Shopify’s new 2.0 platform to enable this and more; effectively unlocking their potential to generate sales and revenue online thanks to the skills of the Webheads team and the new and improved Shopify CMS (content management system) platform.


Visitors and orders are up significantly up. 50% growth in page views and 30% up on sales! Working with Webheads was a pleasure from start to finish. The project was well executed with all requirements there from the beginning. Highly recommended.

In the past, it can be argued that Shopify was quite a blunt and basic tool and not necessarily the most professional solution – especially compared to the more established CMS at the time. However the new Shopify 2.0 marks an end-to-end overhaul of how themes are built with the likes of sections on every page, app-powered blocks, flexible data storage and robust developer tools. As such, the process of designing, deploying, branding and building a theme on Shopify is a much more straightforward and fruitful process than ever before. This allows us here at Webheads to create bespoke and custom solutions for each and every one of our clients.

So when it came to Milroy’s, we were able to deliver for them a fully custom website solution that aligned perfectly with their ethos and goals. The homepage was adorned with a full-length banner that immediately alludes to the history of the brand while also featuring a hero image of one of their most popular products. Scrolling down further on the page, various blocks were used to display the likes of special offers, gifts, a guide to bars and their blog section too. Nestled among them were the different types of products that Milroy’s sells and these aligned with the items in the menu header such as ‘Whiskey’, ‘Brandy’ and ‘Rum’.

For each of the product pages we implemented a clear and clean interface consisting of a white background and the punctuations of deep blue and gold from their logo. Product information consisted of images and prices per product and a useful stock feature which would display the likes of ‘1 left in stock’ on low in stock products as a timely CTA (call-to-action) to aid in conversions. As we are a Shopify web agency and can create a custom Shopify theme for your brand and business, we offer return on investment website design and like with all of our projects we deliver for you both on time and on budget.

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