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Metamako develop and market the technology that makes possible the high-speed trading capability of the big banks and exchanges. They are, in the language of the industry, the globally dominant vendor of network hardware in low-latency finance. Started in 2013 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, they have developed into a leading global brand in just five years. Recently they were listed one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Australian Tech Companies by Deloitte. It’s an exciting brand story and one Webheads were delighted to bring to life on the web.

Metamako - Portfolio 1
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  • Corporate Web Design
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
  • Content Management System
  • SEO
  • Multilingual Website

“Webheads bring a unique skillset to the business of designing and building websites that really work. Their focus on the brand story and the quality of the content presentation allows us to distinctively target our markets with intelligent and highly relevant material that converts directly to bottom line success.”

At Webheads we understand the financial services industry. The team has worked for some of the biggest names in the City, designing marketing resources that, in a very traditional and conservative marketplace, stand out. We also have a very good understanding of technology and how to communicate the complex benefits of specialist equipment in an engaging and effective way. So, we were perfectly equipped for this project.

Like many of our clients, Metamako had already developed a ‘house style’, a set of brand guidelines that allowed for the consistent presentation of their brand across all media channels. That said, the guidelines themselves needed to be developed; and that’s where our graphic design skillset came into play. Working closely with the client we were able to bring some subtle changes to the corporate identity to give it a fresher, contemporary feel. We also developed a family of icons to assist in the communication of the key technical advantages of the various products.

Equipped with this marketing toolkit we then set about designing an engaging UX for the website. Visually this is always a challenge, especially when the client’s products are very ordinary looking black boxes. The solution to the challenge is to focus on the critical benefits – the magic inside the box – and present these in a bold and interesting way.

The visual content of any website is crucial to visitor engagement. Images can’t just be the boring stock shot. Webheads have developed the skills needed to select the right images (commissioning original photography where required), retouch, colour grade and do all the work necessary to ensure all our clients can be justly proud of their imagery.

So, having upgraded the visual presentation of the brand, the result proved very popular with the client, so popular we were asked to take a look at updating a large part of their marketing materials. We also extensively revised their presentation tools including their PowerPoint presentation to new investors.

Working with and enhancing the existing global brand appeal of big-name clients is something Webhaeds has done many times. As we say from the outset, we are much more than simply a web design and build company.

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