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Matt Todd Photography

Matt Todd –  Photography Portfolio

  • Web Branding
  • Photography Website Design
  • Photography Portfolio
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
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“Webheads provided fantastic creative design ideas and built my site seemingly with ease and complete efficiency.  The result is a site which perfectly complements the images and it was an absolute pleasure to work with JM and Eliot.”

—Matt Todd

Here at Webheads we love designing any website, but when we have images like those of Matt Todd’s photography to use in a custom website design; we know the finished result will be extra special. Matt Todd approached us as he needed a premier platform to showcase his premier photography portfolio and prints. Specialising in stunning travel and nature photography from all around the world, his lens evokes an expansive and ethereal feel to everyday life. We made sure to distil these attributes into a digital presence worthy of a worldwide audience. Working with a clear deadline and budget, the Webheads team made sure to deliver on both fronts.

As mentioned above, we had a huge selection of high quality images to use. As these are essentially the product, it made sense to display them prominently. Therefore we configured the navigation bar to be on the very left of the webpage in a vertical positon. By giving this navigation bar roughly one-seventh of the page space, the remaining page space was filled with the photography. On the homepage for example an automatic image carousel displays photographs of burnt orange sand dunes, crystal clear glacial waters and immense mountain faces. These images served two important purposes. Firstly they acted as a visual draw for website visitors – an engaging and eye-catching feature to draw them further into Matt’s work. Secondly they acted as a showcase for the photography and therefore a living portfolio of sorts – changing from the Africa to the Arctic in a matter of seconds.

In a similar fashion, the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ sections were built to not encroach upon the imagery. When clicked on in the navigational bar, they simply expand outwards from the bar without taking the user to a new page. In this way, half of the webpage remains unchanged to still display the photography. The prints and portfolio pages open in new pages to allow visitors to view images in a more full-screen format. As with all of our website designs, this feature is retained on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing the photography to live in this edge-to-edge display. As the visual element was such an important element to this custom website design, so too was the content that it linked too. Fittingly, Instagram was the only social media account linked to the website as it itself is purely image based and acts as an extension of Matt’s photography portfolio.

The Matt Todd Photography website is a fine example of how creative web designers can be when using the WordPress CMS. Elements such as navigational bars, social media links and images can be placed anywhere without restriction as there exists no template to strictly adhere to – the template is custom made for the client. Our team are expert users of WordPress and can design and deploy custom websites to match the ideal vision of the client. Not only that, but our team are experts in adhering to both budgets and timelines so our clients are assured of an amazing website delivered on time with no hidden or additional costs or delays.

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