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London Live

Webheads were delighted to be chosen by London Live to revitalise their website with a new custom-built design that reflected the prestige of their brand. As a huge London TV network, this is an entity that receives global traffic and interest. Therefore it was important to curate a seamless experience for the user that respected the history and recognition of the brand while also converting website visitors into watching their TV programming. It was such a boon to be chosen by this hugely well-known brand and so we set to work to reflect their stature in the website design stakes.


“Webheads were very easy to work with. As a person new to websites I found them very patient and helpful guiding me and including me on every step from initial conversations to design and finally coding. They accommodated all my requests and the site was finished to a very high standard and to budget. The whole team are impressed with the results and the aftercare and advice on things like content management and SEO have been very useful in getting the website running well. Thank you Webheads”.

Thomas Abbott. Technical Manager at London Live

Making sure to keep the website both desktop and mobile responsive (as we do with all of our website designs), imparting information was also high up on our list. As such we implemented a sub-header which showed the four different channel methods to watch London Live on, active social media links and even a troubleshooting section that was only one click / tap away. Therefore as soon as a visitor arrived, it was made very simple and accessible for them to access the content of London Live straightaway. We also incorporated a parallax scrolling feature as the visitor moves down the page.

This presents individual blocks that display different programs, features and news gradually in a way which cleverly mimics reading up and down a physical TV guide (a subtle nod to the traditional way in which this media was consumed and researched). This TV schedule was also made available in the main header with an intuitive day breakdown (separating morning, afternoon and evening programming) and a calendar feature to look at upcoming programmes in the days and weeks ahead. Delivered on time and on budget and another great success for us as a leading London web agency.

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