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London Explorer Pass

Webheads launches a new London Explorer Card website for the fast increasing Leisure Pass Group and Smart Destinations tourism eCommerce portfolio

  • Web Branding
  • Online Strategy
  • Tourism Website Design
  • Tourism eCommerce
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
  • Mobile App Development
  • Content Management System
  • Multilingual
  • SEO

Webheads have delivered again for Leisure Pass Group! A slick web design centred around the customer and product. All produced within an incredible tight timeline. Great work!

—Louis Johnson, SVP Global Marketing, The Leisure Pass Group

Exploration was essential when we were commissioned to design the custom website for the London Explorer Pass. Not only would purchasing the pass allow one to explore the sights and attractions of London, but it was a specific requirement that website visitors explore the website itself too. This is because the custom website acts as a powerful tool to convert warm leads into paying customers (i.e. conversions). Therefore high-quality design, curated content and ease-of-use UX were necessary to work in conjunction with each other to make this happen. Our clients know that we here at Webheads specialise in all of these disciplines and therefore trust us to design and deploy their custom websites.

When working on geographical/tourism websites such as this, it is important to convey a sense of the location in question. Therefore with the London Explorer Pass website; red, white and a smattering of blue was used for the colour scheme to be reminiscent of the Union Jack. Imagery can also work exceptionally well to evoke the feeling of a particular place and with high definition images of the London Eye, the River Thames and even the Queen herself (in wax form for the famous Madame Tussauds Museum); this was most definitely achieved. For any visitor to this website, London is made enticing for them as it is illustrated in all its glory via high quality content showcasing what the city has to offer.

From a functional point of view, bespoke website design affords our clients the opportunity to cherry pick the exact elements they want on their website (and also where they want them). As positive reviews and recommendations can have a huge impact on conversions, we made sure to add a review slider plugin to the homepage for easy visibility. With simple quotes highlighted in this way (Excellent, Great buy, Great perks, Five Stars etc.), these acted as a reinforcement of the pros of purchasing the London Explorer Pass as stated by those who have bought and used it in the past. Knowing that people will access the site on both desktop and mobile devices, it was of course built to be mobile responsive. As the London Explorer Pass also has a dedicated app, we made sure to highlight this by adding links to the Apple App and Google Play stores respectively in the footer.

Here at Webheads, we never launch a website without supplying it with the tools it needs to succeed online. As a premier digital agency, our team worked to fully search engine optimise the London Explorer Pass website and ensure that load times and page speeds were as swift and slick as possible. Much like the tube in London itself, there are many routes and points to explore with which to increase a websites online presence and visibility. We go down these avenues for our clients so that we can pass to them a custom website that is poised to perform online and poised to increase sales and conversions to their businesses. In a similar vein to the wildly successful London Pass Website (which we also designed and deployed); this London Explorer Pass Website is well on the way to becoming a positive force for the online London tourism sector.

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