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Part of a popular and crowded market, Kinetix Nutrition know that they needed an expert web agency like Webheads to turbocharge their online presence for the 2021 market. Not only do they sell natural nutritional supplements and health and fitness products; they also take pride in their ‘Knowledge Vault’ of content that is filled with tips, nutrition and training advice

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  • Web Branding
  • Online Strategy
  • Web Design
  • eCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
  • Content Management System

“To help us grow to the next level, what we needed was a user friendly ecommerce website that displayed our products to the world while also portraying and capturing our brand values which are so important to us. Webheads unquestionably achieved this and with an easy and seemless online customer experience. The whole team at Webheads were a pleasure to work with and, importantly, always took the time to listen and ensure they understood and reflected our needs”.

—Steve Palmer. CEO Kinetix Nutrition

We knew it was best not to split their offering and instead to give both of these content pillars equal space and attention in the custom website design. As such, the responsive header of tabs includes both their product categories (protein, earth sea greens, antioxidants) as well as the aforementioned knowledge vault. The tiled layout of the homepage includes both of these too – providing easy access and discoverability to them on both desktop and mobile devices. As such, our expert user experience (UX) work was utilised to ensure each element was easy to find, interact with and convert from.

An eCommerce website, we uploaded each of their products and kept their pricing, information and delivery details clearly visible. This worked on two fronts. Firstly, it was an optimal experience for those new to the products to learn about them in tandem with a painless purchasing process (due to our payment gateway work in the backend) which culminated in a custom one-page checkout.

Secondly then, it worked for those who were familiar with the products and wished to place another order as the products of their choosing are easy to find, add to cart and purchase (an optional account feature also helps with this slick and speedy process).

Keeping branding at the forefront, the bright blue hue used within the Kinetix Nutrition logo was woven throughout the webpages in terms of fonts, buttons, hover elements, icons and more. This kept a consistency across the content – making for a polished and professional appearance. Like with all of our custom website designs here at Webheads, the website was designed and deployed with a search engine optimised backing, was designed with an expert UX, linked to social media accounts and made responsive for all device types. All delivered on time. All delivered on budget..

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