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Helsinki Card

Webheads have earned a reputation for consistently designing hugely successful travel and tourism bespoke websites. This consistency led Helsinki Card to seek us out to create a robust eCommerce website for them.

  • Online Strategy
  • Tourism Web Design
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
  • Content Management System
  • Multilingual
  • SEO

Consistency is key and we at Webheads have earned a reputation for consistently designing and deploying bespoke websites both on time and on budget. It is this consistency which led Helsinki Card to seek us out to create a robust eCommerce website for them. Having already designed a wildly successful suite of ‘Pass’ websites (such as the Dublin, London and Vienna passes), the Webheads team were next commissioned to work on the Helsinki Card website. This eCommerce website was to sell a pass-card that gives the holder access and discounted rates to various tourist sites and attractions in Helsinki such as the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and the famous Temppeliaukio Rock Church.

As a sister site to the previously mentioned pass websites, we knew exactly what the Helsinki Card website needed to be another resounding success. This involved utilising a bespoke framework that was responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. Incorporated into this framework was a wealth of information in relation to everything Helsinki had to offer for tourists on a short city break or a longer vacation stay. This involved collecting and curating written content (including directions and public transport links) that was paired with pristine images of each location and attraction. From a sales and marketing perspective, some of the images featured text overlays that displayed the prices and savings that those who purchase the card can avail of. The homepage also featured an image carousel which can be utilised to display extra information such as that of a flash sale for example.

When conveying large amounts of information and sales and marketing elements to website visitors, it helps that this is channelled through aesthetically pleasing means. In the case of the Helsinki Card website, we used a colour scheme that was reminiscent of the Helsinki flag. Coupled with the use of impressive photography shots of the city; these facets of the website design gave visitors a real feel for Helsinki and everything it has to offer. For navigation, a floating header which included tabs was utilised. When hovered over, each of these tabs would display more options such as how the card works and a list of attractions. With this in place, the bespoke website took a full throttle approach by including high quality information with a call-to-action all packed in an aesthetically pleasing and functional website package.

As with everything we put our name to, the Helsinki Card website was completed on time and on budget for our client. We made sure to optimise it at every turn to give it every chance to survive and thrive online. This included optimising each and every page for search engines to respond positively to and also compressing and streamlining images to keep speed and loading times swift. Once completed, the Helsinki Card website became a great addition to the ‘Pass’ suite of websites. While retaining an overall premier eCommerce platform and layout, the spirit of Helsinki shone through to give the website its own unique presence. A great platform to showcase the city; the Helsinki card website is another stellar example of responsive and bespoke eCommerce website design that drives sales to business owners and provides a solution to the needs of consumers.

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