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Happen is an established, global innovations agency with a reputation for delivering big. Not just big on ideas but big on the ability to come up with innovative thinking that delivers to the bottom line. Their portfolio reads like a Who’s Who of household FMCG names. So, when approached to revamp the Happen website, Webheads needed to bring our best game.

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“We engaged with the Webheads team when we realised we’d reached a point in our business growth‎ that we could no longer get away with a home-made web presence. It was time to bring in the professionals. From start to finish, Webheads have ‎kept our brand in focus, understanding who we are and what we offer our clients; taking real care to translate this into realistic concepts and great execution. Never was form leading over function, or the other way around. They always respected our considerations, working swiftly yet never rushed. In short: the best professionals we could have possibly hoped for.”

— Costas Papaikonomou – Founding Partner at Happen

Our creative team were quick to recognise the possibilities within the existing Happen brand. Bright and energetic, not just in the colouring, Happen were off to a good start. What was needed was a way to build on that energy, dramatizing not just the achievements of the brand but crucially the personality behind it and create much more than just another corporate web design project.

One of the very first ideas, before we even considered website design, was the possibility of using the identity to dramatise and explain Happen’s strengths. The logo, through the magic of animation (specially scripted and commissioned by us), became an ‘ideas generator’ bringing working with Happen to life while also providing an engaging means of getting some very important facts across.

Then it was on to the website. It was vital that the website had a solid and simple CMS for the team at Happen to be able to upload all their latest news, achievements and work. However, they also wanted an exciting and truly distinctive design. Having presented a number of options, Happen decided on the fresh and contemporary look of a ‘tiled’ architecture (rather than the usual carousel) – bright, visual and quite different from anything their peers had done.

The user journey was worked on to ensure that it was highly engaging and intuitive, drawing people quickly into the specifics of what interested them. Webheads developed a bespoke set of icons to further guide the user and specific attention was given to making the drill down pages work harder, combining both brand messaging, product explanation and a powerful call to action in clean and clear design.

Naturally the site had to work optimally on all platforms from laptops to phones. So multiple fluid grid layouts were developed to make the site fully responsive.

Happen are our kind of people – bright, forward thinking and open to exciting ideas. Also, crucially, they trusted our judgement and empowered us to explore new and distinctive routes, across the board from creative to technical. And we thank them for that.

To sum up, the whole project was a great and very rewarding experience from both sides.

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