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EXEROS Technologies

Offering high definition (HD) camera systems for fleet vehicles, our custom website design for Exeros Technologies placed a focus on both function and form. Keen to highlight the features of their products and services, we ensured that the responsive design showcased facts and figures of their work – which included a 60% reduction in fault claims and a 22% reduction in fuel consumption. This was conveyed with a welcoming user experience (UX) which made use of a natural flow to let visitors discover this information in an organic way.

  • Web Branding
  • Online Strategy
  • Corporate Web Design
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
  • Content Management System

This was a great project to demonstrate how our expert team can work with and understand niche and specific technologies. As such, our understanding allows us to portray the content and offering in perfect ways – paving the way for and poising and priming the website to make sales. With this, we infused the likes of the product listings and FAQ section with a genuine sense of gravitas and connection. By knowing both the products and / or services at hand in tandem with the target audience and their working knowledge of same; our custom website designs are empowered with a logical design that visitors naturally respond to (this greatly helps to convert visitors into customers).

The use of red, orange and yellow in their logo was cleverly woven throughout the colour palette of the design. This saw the use of visually magnetic red at the likes of buttons and icons, orange to highlight certain parts of the text and a yellow fade / gradient adorning the featured images of their ‘Industry Insights’ (blog) section.

With this, their branding remained a focal point and alluded to a very polished and professional first impression- regardless of which page visitors first landed on. For an additional flash of visual finesse, a slider of logos featured on the home page to display the array of brands and businesses that Exeros Technologies have worked with.

As a leading London web agency, Exeros Technologies knew to choose us here at Webheads if they wanted results and a tangible turbocharge of their online presence. At twenty-five years young, Webheads boasts a wealth of experience while constantly looking forward and remaining an innovative and creative London web agency. As with all of our custom website design projects, this was once again delivered both on time and on budget. The client was of course immensely satisfied and appreciative of how Webheads delivered beneficial business results for them.

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