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Evergrain has a mission to be able to nourish the world through the power of barley. It is their belief that the likes of food, drink and even forms of medicine (or nutraceuticals) can benefit from “one of nature’s ancient grains” in some way. Our custom website design for them had to attune and align to their ethos while delivering information in a creative and engaging way.


With barley being the focal point of the brand, we made use of a pale yellow colour (that was quite like barley) for the background of the site. A deep green was then used, in keeping with a naturalistic colour palette, for banners and prominent areas – coupled with the pale yellow and golden font which again echoed the barely theme in a cohesive and creative way. Therefore with the first interaction with the website, it was clear what the brand was all about and how their branding conveyed this at every touchpoint.

As they explain that they are on a ‘mission’, we treated their custom website design as a task that required the display of information that website visitors would understand and appreciate. This meant that each of the sectors that Evergrain worked in (as mentioned above – food, drink and nutraceuticals) was given equal time to shine and be explained.

In this way, the relevant industries could find exactly what they needed to know should they wish to work with Evergrain and avail of their products and services. The implementation of a classic contact form also facilitated this communication, making it a seamless experience to get in touch and be a part of their mission.

Just like with all of our custom website designs here at Webheads, we made sure that this website was turbocharged to work on all device types (desktop, tablet, mobile and more). With an on time and on budget website like this by our expert team, Evergrain are empowered a powerful online vehicle to continue in their mission.

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