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Elephant & Castle Development
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Elephant & Castle Town Centre

Working for the Delancey Group, a hugely respected specialist real estate and advisory company with over 25 years of experience; we were tasked with designing a custom website for their Elephant & Castle town centre project. As such, it required our team to display a huge array of information in an attractive and engaging aesthetic to satisfy all stakeholders and website visitors alike.


  • Web Branding
  • Online Strategy
  • Corporate Web Design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Enewletter Design & Integration

I have worked with a lot of agencies over the years but I can honestly say that Webheads are not only the quickest and most efficient to work with but also the easiest and most enjoyable web company I’ve ever worked with. Their design quality is also beautifully creative, impeccable and most importantly functional . I can’t recommend them highly enough”

Katharine Walsh Marketing & Communications Director

It was very important for the website to showcase not only what was in the town centre; but to also include information on any and all changes and redevelopment plans that the area would experience. Due to this we made sure to implement modules and blocks that were eye-catching and engaging in equal measure. A big driver of this engagement aspect was the bright colour palette used for the backgrounds, text and icons. This colour palette folded into the overall brand colours and guidelines – making for a consistent and cohesive user experience (UX) across every webpage. Knowing that data and information can be showcased in many different ways, we also created a custom interactive map for the website. With this, website visitors could easily see and hover over the likes of amenities, bars, gyms and restaurants etc. Clicking or tapping on these revealed more information for each one too. Like with all of our website designs, the website was also made to be responsive, speedy and enjoyable whether it was accessed on desktop or mobile devices.

This aspect also meant that the website could be interacted with as many people as possible – meaning that all of the interested stakeholders, residents and more could easily access and understand everything that was happening in the Elephant & Castle area. It was a pleasure to work with the huge Delancey Group organisation. Like with all of our custom website designs, we delivered this both on time and on budget – something which was greatly appreciated by Delancey Group. We worked with them at every stage of the design, build and deployment process and also populated the website content for them (like we do for all client website projects). They were happy to provide us with the following testimonial showcasing their delight with working with the leading London web agency that is Webheads

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