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Elephant and Castle Retail

Quite a niche function for a website to perform, the custom website design we created for E and C Retail Relocation was made to provide retailers with information to empower them with the planned development works in the Elephant and Castle area.


With building developments and redesigns planned for the Elephant and Castle area, it became apparent that existing retailers in the area would need to know how they would fit into these future plans. As such, we implemented a series of interactive maps and plans with which these retailers could access and view to enable and empower them to plan accordingly. This allowed them to properly visualise and theorise as to how the finished development plans will change the landscape (both physically and metaphorically) when it comes to their trading operations.

As the nature of the full extent of these development works is not for public consumption at this time; we implemented a login system to the website so that only the relevant stakeholders (in this case the retailers) could access the relevant content (i.e. the interactive maps and plans).

With this, a security element came into play to safeguard the planned works behind this login account feature. As with any feature like this, we also added a ‘Forgotten your password?’ link, that triggered an e-mail to the relevant admin account, for any users that may need it.

Apart from the functional features, we of course implemented our tried and tested custom website design excellence. This included a responsive full-screen design (optimised for both desktop and mobile devices), an interactive header (with a click / tap on the logo bringing the user back to the ‘Home’ page) and an interactive footer that included links to the ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’. In terms of image and colour, we displayed an expansive render of one of the building areas with attention to detail that saw the bright blue of the sky cohesively match the logo.

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