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When global companies need a custom website to represent and perform for their business online; they choose us here at Webheads as we are a global web agency with the experience and expertise that they need. That is exactly why Elcy (a digital trade finance processing platform established in 2001) chose us to turbocharge their online presence with a custom WordPress website.


“Our brief to the Webheads team was to design an upgraded, sharp but minimalist website to get a very clear business message across in an area of the financial world overwhelmed by jargon and obfuscation. This Webheads managed to achieve in a striking way and we are delighted with the result!”

Robin Cohen, Director

With Elcy being a financial trading software, as you can image it was paramount that this design was simple and effective to navigate – without sacrificing the fact that Elsy is a robust and reliable software. This is where The Webheads UX came into play, this being a tried and tested system that we have developed over the twenty-plus years we have been active as a top London web agency with clients all over the world. UX stands for ‘user experience’ and having a stellar UX in place helps visitors to stay on your website longer and perform more actions i.e. convert into a customer / client of your brand. As Elcy deals with financial and trading information, it is imperative that they have a website design in place that ensures people want to consistently use them as their software of choice. Our custom website design achieved this very aspect (and more).

Knowing that trading has exploded in popularity in recent times, it was important that we instilled a distinctive brand DNA across the Elcy website to make them both noticeable and memorable. As such, we incorporated their vivid green colouring into certain animations and graphics along with call to action (CTA) points such as the login button in the header and the book a demo / contact us button in the bottom banner. As this green was an eye-catching colour, it made sense to pair this with the important action points on the website.

Even though we work with businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industries, our promise to each client is the same. When you choose us here at Webheads, your project is delivered both on time and on budget. Any website projects are designed to work on both desktop and mobile devices and are optimised to survive and thrive on Google (this is known as search engine optimisation or SEO). Elcy were delighted with the finished product and they are now empowered with an expert vehicle online to buttress their brand and help to keep them as a market leader for their next twenty years of business too.

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