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Edwin Lowe

When the Edwin Lowe Group required not just a new custom website design but also a refreshed and revitalised brand identity overall; they knew that the Webheads team were the one for the job. Along with their main flagship website, it should be noted that this project also comprised of designing and deploying new websites for their entire company – twelve websites and counting. Indeed with our decades of experience as a leading London web agency, we could promise them both an on time and on budget project (something which we extend to all of our clients).


We’re very happy with the new brand and the new websites that Webheads are creating for us. A very positive improvement in how our customers interact with us.

As the only specialist manufacturer in the UK of pressed steel bearing housings for steel conveyor rollers, Edwin Lowe Group have a more niche offering as a specialist in their field. Even though their offering may be a bit more unique, we wanted their custom website design and refreshed brand identity be to engaging, memorable and impactful. The use of the blue colour palette helped with this as it communicates notions of professionalism, authority and proficiency. Therefore a deeper blue was utilised for the website headers and hero elements while a brighter sky blue was used for secondary design aspects and finer details such as the links, menu details and social media icons. The use of cohesive colours not only makes for a stunning visual result across an entire website, it also adds a sense of consistency and cohesion when learning about the brand and their offering.

Like with all of our website designs, it was made to be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. Accessibility and our expert user experience (UX) was also implemented to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for every website visitor. With the relevant sections of content neatly organised in a lean yet informative menu coupled with a footer filled with links and contact details; information which aided conversions was amply available at every touchpoint. With a refreshed aesthetic and custom website design now as part of their online arsenal, Webheads now continue on with another twelve website designs (and counting) for the entire Edwin Lowe Group portfolio.

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