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EAW - Global corporate website


Name a major US sports stadium and chances are it is equipped with EAW speaker technology. Name a major rock band and there’s a good chance EAW was in the mix at their concerts. EAW even supply the sound systems for the Vatican! From a studio apartment to a 75,000 seater stadium, EAW designs, builds and facilitates the installation of the sound systems that deliver the voices and music of everyone from the Pope to Tom Petty. Their leading-edge technology is so advanced it can precisely shape the sound delivery to the exact extent of the audience in real time. EAW is creating tomorrow’s sound systems, today.

  • Corporate Web Design
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
  • Content Management System
  • SEO
  • Web Branding
  • Online Strategy
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive

“Webheads offer a formidable skillset that goes well beyond the typical website agency. From the beginning we were impressed by their ability to get under the skin of our offering, enabling us to develop our content and formulate effective strategies for targeting our global audience at every level.”

—Bryn Richards, EAW

Having spent some time working in the music business, the team at Webheads were especially keen to win this project. EAW were making some exciting changes in the way their products and skills were presented to the global audio market and they were looking for an agency that could bring strong brand and design skills to their web presence.

As we do with all projects at Webheads, we started out by interrogating the EAW client base and establishing the best possible routes to engage with the various markets at every level. A large proportion of EAW’s business is done with sound designers, people who want to know the ‘tech spec’ fast and be able to compare data to obtain the most sound for their buck.

With presentation of the product content at the head of the agenda, we looked at the global navigation and the UX in detail, paying particular attention to the way the extensive list of products was presented. We developed a navigation that made finding your way through the product detail as simple as possible and we established information hierarchies that took you through the equipment and software element of each offering, stage by stage.

The content across the entire website needed to be cleaned as a lot of it was out of date. The Adaptive Range, EAW’s flagship systems, were singled out for special treatment and given much more space to explain their unique audience targeting capability and advanced software. Support capability was also a large part of the brand story, so we developed a unique matrix, enabling people to locate exactly the right person to talk to at EAW, on any specific subject.

The result is a website that presents the prestige of the big global brand story while also allowing people to speedily connect with the EAW family at every level. The interface is highly intuitive, working on both laptop and mobile with equal ease. Much more has been made of the extensive EAW image library to dramatise every part of the offering, from the unique technology on offer to the ability to access it wherever in the world you are located.

Finally, the wonderful case histories the client has are being used to powerfully underline the case for selecting EAW.

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