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Delta Force Paintball

Impact was a word that stayed at the forefront of our mind when designing and deploying the bespoke website for the new Delta Force paintballing eCommerce & booking website.

  • Web Design
  • Online Web Strategy
  • Web Booking system
  • eCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Mobile & Tablet Adaptive
  • Content Management System
  • SEO

Our task was to create a high-impact, functional website design to mirror the high-impact trait of paintball. As a recreational activity, paintball has a large target audience. Delta Force know this and cater for the likes of adults, kids and corporate groups in their paintballing locations spread all throughout the UK and Ireland. They asked us to provide them with a platform that could take bookings online and provide the necessary content and information on their website to result in conversions.

Delta Force pride themselves on the amount of locations and areas that they cater for; as stated on their website: “Delta Force Paintball centres are never far away. In fact, 90% of the UK and Ireland’s population live within a 45 minute drive of a Delta Force Paintball centre. Find your closest centre.” Therefore availability plays a big part in their service offering to potential customers. We made sure to build upon this by utilising contact forms, a live chat feature and displaying their contact telephone number prominently in the header area at all times. The contact forms are separated by location so that the staff can handle and process the contact request for each location as they come through. With these different contact channels all in play at once, the website is a powerful tool to connect with website visitors and convert them into customers of the business.

When dealing with a service/activity rather than a product online, it is very important to sell the concept and idea to prospective clients. That is why we made sure to include both “Why Delta Force” and “The Paintball Experience” sections within the header of the website. The former expanded on the USPs of Delta Force with high quality image and video content of the paintballing in action alongside the ever popular FAQ section and also a mention of their charitable partnerships (including support for army veterans and the RSPCA). The latter section explained the itinerary of a game of paintball and elucidated on the different zones and playing styles available. We knew it was important to include these pieces of information as from a business perspective they act as free high quality information for consumers. When delivered effectively through a bespoke and responsive website design, this content can be easily consumed and ushers visitors further along the sales funnel towards converting.

As Webheads is a digital agency, our expert team are able to fully search engine optimise websites to greatly improve their performance and ranking online. Combining either organic or paid advertising (or a combination of both); our website designs are deployed online to make an immediate impact and yield immediate results for our clients. The website also prompts visitors to share their location with it so that it can match paintball centre locations with visitor locations. With a long list of paintball locations, we made sure to utilise effective local SEO as part of our deployment arsenal for the site. As with all of our projects, the Delta Force website design and deployment was completed both on time and on budget.

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