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Cisco – the largest IT company in the World, their key focus is the internet. The CA Ecosytem Portal is a EMEA resource for Cisco and its Partners.

Cisco & their Partners use the site to locate partners and engineers for specific projects. This global portal holds details of 4500 Partner companies, 35,000 engineers with over 1.5 million skills. This systems is fully searchable, with an intelligent system, cross referencing across the entire database.

“This project represented a period of huge growth and frenetic activity for Cisco Systems Inc. in EMEA. During this period, Cisco selected Webheads to design, build and implement a complex web based application for collaborative use between Cisco and Cisco’s many partner businesses. The combination of adaptability, professionalism and commitment demonstrated by the Webheads project team to Cisco’s often changing business requirements contributed a large factor to the success of the project.”
Colin Gorrie – PS Project Manager

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Cisco – the largest IT company in the World, their […]

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