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Webheads / Portfolio / Budweiser’s Bud Pride Revolution

Budweiser’s Bud Pride Revolution

We were delighted to be chosen to be a part of the Budweiser pride campaign and to be able to help with our skills and expertise alongside the Revolt London design agency. With Budweiser being a global company and pride being a celebration on the world stage; this project demonstrated how Webheads are a worldwide agency with reach and staying power that we have earned and honed after nearly three decades in business.


As colour plays an important part in pride and connects to and is responded to by many people; it made sense to incorporate this into the design aesthetic as part of the custom website design we created for the campaign. We made sure to not just blindly follow the colour palettes used in the specifically designed cups that Budweiser made for the event – but rather to create a harmonious visual interface that these cups could be displayed within.

This was important as to not drown the subject matter out with colour. Rather, it served to showcase the subject matter in the best way possible by framing it and keeping the focus on it. With this, the focal and selling points remained at the forefront with a custom website design that supported it rather than detracted from it.

The interactive element was also focused on as the website showcased different themed and coloured cups to align with popular flags associated with pride. Each included details about each design and what they stand for, details about the campaign overall and details as to how Budweiser was using their influence for good. As such, we made sure to deliver this information in a way which felt organic and natural rather than it sounding like a sales pitch or public relations exercise.

Launching as its own individual website called ‘Bud Pride’ and existing within its own space, this was a dedicated web presence to mark Budweiser’s sponsorship of the pride parade in London. Webheads was able to help bring it to life with our expert custom website design, user experience and branding skills that worked in harmony with the Revolt London design agency to result in a website that did the famous Budweiser brand proud.

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