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ATI – Accurate Technologies

Webheads is proud to announce the launch of a fully redesigned ATI website!

The primary objectives for the new design was to focus on providing ATI’s customers with an easier, faster way to learn about the company’s products and services, while greatly improving the aesthetics and responsiveness on all electronic platforms. In addition, ATI’s Digital Marketing Team has re-imagined the eStore making it easier for customers in the USA to find the products they know and love.

  • Web Branding
  • Online Strategy
  • Corporate Web Design

With innovative and trusted technologies that help domestic driving, the motorsport and shipping industries, energy companies and many more; ATI Accurate Technologies have developed into a truly global presence since being founded in the USA back in 1992. Now with offices in major markets around the world and an output that is ever growing, they came to use here at Webheads to turbocharge their official website to optimise their online presence with a proper and professional representation of their brand.

To begin, we decided to make use of the classic red colour of their ATI logo to punctuate elements of the website. This included the use of buttons, headings and titles in this colour which worked to bind the overall design and remain consistent and cohesive for the brand. With a such a rich and successful history, there was an abundance of content to include such as case studies, news and events and links to their eStore. As such, we implemented a header menu that had each of the appropriate pillars of content grouped under the applicable headings. This made for a simple and easy navigation which was a great contribution to an effective user experience (UX) for website visitors.

Responsiveness and interactive elements were also high up on the list as we wanted website visitors to enjoy using the website as they found what they were looking for while searching for ATI Accurate Technologies online. With this, we implemented a series of icons on the home page which could bring visitors to some of the most popular topics and webpages in just a click. This also extended to mobile responsiveness as we made sure (like with all of our custom web design builds) that the website would work and load on all devices including desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet and more.

Yet another great success working together and another great addition to the Webheads custom website design portfolio. It also reflects our love of motorsport too – with ATI Technologies being involved in the car and motorsport industries with their work also.

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