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API Clubspeed Booking System

Yet another great match for us was getting to design and implement the API Clubspeed online booking system for Daytona – a very niche and precise example of our advanced programming interface (API) work. This was a great match because not only could we showcase our skills and fulfil the needs of a loyal client; but we could once again indulge our passion for motorsports within the online business space.

This API work related to their online booking system (known as Clubspeed) across three locations in the UK. For each location it had to consider the different categories of vehicle and age brackets suitable for them, in tandem with allowing for different race times and types to be chosen. The final layer of information included filtering the above selections into a calendar to display available times and dates for the specific selection. As you can see, this involved many different tiers of information to interact with one another. As such, our API work fleshed out a fully interactive map and journey that the user would take and ensures that this information could interact with each other behind the scenes (in the backend); while the website visitor was presented with a slick and responsive UX experience when using the website (on the frontend).

When we talk of information interacting with other information, this is where our expert API work springs into action. So take for example the Milton Keynes booking page of the Daytona website. The first page prompts the website visitor to select the age range of the driver(s) such as adults or juniors etc. After making the selection, the API detects what vehicles are suitable for this age range and displays those options next. Following this the desired race type is chosen (Arrive & Drive, Daytona 360 Challenge etc.) and lastly the number of people driving and desired date and time is chosen. One is then presented with the available dates and times that suit their selection – the culmination of the API work as each option is considered behind the scenes are cross-referenced with the calendar software to display availability and booking options. With this, visitors to the Daytona website can book their driving experience seamlessly with a few clicks / taps.

We were conscious too that those simply enquiring to see availability while not yet knowing how many in their group would be driving (and what age ranges they are) needed to be addressed. That is why we included a simple ‘Search All Events By Date’ option to showcase what was available and when – directly through the Clubspeed booking system. So our API work didn’t distract from the Daytona website but rather added to it to turbocharge its usability for visitors and drive conversions from it. All in all a great example of skills, expertise and stunning results for Daytona and Webheads.

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