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Andromeda API
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API Chosen Bun Andromeda

We worked on the Chosen Bun website to implement the Andromeda POS software – enabling them to turbocharge their reach and delivery options. With bricks and mortar locations in Cambridge, London, and Oxford; Chosen Bun is a funky burger chain which specialises in offering delivery of fresh and flavourful burgers to all who want them. Here is how our application programming interface (API) helped to make this a possibility for their burger business model.

The Andromeda software works to empower restaurant and food businesses with the likes of point of sales features, online ordering capability, delivery driver tracking and more. As the Webheads team are adept at working with advanced technologies and software, we were able to seamlessly integrate Andromeda into their website. As such, it resulted in the additions of crucial functions that enabled Chosen Bun to fulfil their goals. The staff could easily retrieve the details they needed in order to create the correct orders, prepare and cook the correct burgers and deliver the order(s) to the correct address.

When working with API in this way, it is of paramount importance that the programme being added should enhance rather than detract from the website and overall website experience. Our expert team (Webheads have been in business for almost thirty years) are keenly aware of this and so implement it in such a way that does not negatively impact on website load speeds, responsiveness and functionality.

With this, visitors to the Chosen Bun website are greeted with a slick and speedy interface – oblivious to the robust API work behind the scenes which turbocharges the entire experience. What’s more, both customers and staff alike benefit from a reliable and powerful system that removes many of the possible pain points that can arise when ordering products and services online.

Almost thirty years young, Webheads is a leading London web agency that can turbocharge your business online. Not only can we carry out this API work to an expert level; but we also offer custom website design, eCommerce website solutions, advanced payment gateways and more.

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