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LLR G5 Limited Organic Silicon – Ecommerce Store

Webheads has just launched LLRG - Organic Silicon Online Store. The website has launched in English and French with German, Italian and Spanish language packs to be added in the near future.

The ecommerce system is intergrated with Realex Payment gateway, Irelands leading payment gateway system. Realex Payments provides a state-of-the-art internet payments solution, allowing the automation of online sales and payments processing through to fulfillment.

Organic Silicon G5® is manufactured exclusively by LLR-G5 since 1999, as per the original formula of Norbert Duffaut (1959) and made commercially available through the efforts of LLR-G5 Limited. G5® is distributed all over the world from Castlebar, Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland.

LLR-G5 continues to invest in high calibre academic scientific silicon research and development of the G5® molecule by working with several groups of international scientists, advancing its worldwide reputation and expertise on Organic Silicon G5®.