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Coles Pen Company

Webheads has just launched a second project for Coles Pen Company - with a brand new CMS and product search system website. Coles Pen Company source, design, distribute and export unusual and stylish writing instrument and are one the UK’s leading independent pen distributors.

Our customer base includes some of the best known and exclusive retailers, including Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and The British Museum. Coles Pen Company have exclusive distribution rights for the following designer pens and pen gifts:

Aurora, Coles, Coles Calligraphy, Laban, Leather Journals, Ohto, Online, USUS, Visconti, Worther, Yoropen and Young-Line Children’s Pens.

Traditional Calligraphy sets are crafted from authentic materials in Italy. The range comprises feather quill pens, wooden dip pens, Italian glass pens and more.