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Webheads / News / Website Copy is Different from Blogs
website copy is different from blogs

Website Copy is Different from Blogs

Website copy is different from blogs and print media is different from website copy. There are many different styles that can feature on your website and each one of these can provide different alternatives for your online brand. By having the best fitted copy populated throughout your website, this has the ability to drive positive outcomes for your digital marketing strategies.

Website copywriting is different from blogs as it is written for the awareness stage of the buyers journey and it is perfectly produced by experienced writers in order to generate leads for your business. Web copywriting can resemble the tried and true formula originally developed by Bob Stone who was a marketing guru in the 1970’s. According to Stone, website copy is different from blogs because it should lead with the strongest benefit while explaining its potential. It should back up the benefits of the product or service you are selling with sound proof and most importantly, it should always include a call-to-action (CTA).

Although writing much longer pieces can be daunting for some; longer blog content provides much greater opportunities for linking and search engine optimisation (SEO). Blog writing gives you greater freedom whereas with website copy a strict word count is usually applied. When writing a blog for your online business it is important that your copy provides understanding or problem solving advice for the reader. You would also include a CTA in a blog where you could urge the reader to reach out or download an eBook for example.

Nonetheless, whether you are writing a blog or website copy for your business – the following tips still apply to both writing styles. Always be consistent whether this is down to the amount of blogs you post per month or if you are adding new webpages and sections that include text. Keep things simple and confident as the readers of today are incredibly distracted. Always oblige the reader to act in your blog or website copy and create a sense of urgency too. This encourages the reader to act on their emotions at the time.

Website copy is different from blogs because website copy is created in an artful form that compacts thousands of words about a product or service into a short and punchy paragraph that stimulates action. Blog content on the other hand can be a lot longer as it provides more insights and can create value for your online business.