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Think Like a User for the Best UX

It is no secret that thinking like a customer is an important step when marketing to them. Likewise, thinking like a user of your website is equally important when implementing the best UX. Taking the time to walk in the shoes of the end-user in any area of business is massively beneficial. Here we show the impact of this with website user experience (UX), ensuring that your business website is turbocharged with the best UX.

The first thing anyone wants a website to do is to be relevant to their search query. So if they search for a dentist in London and reach your website, they would expect your website to be about a dental practice in London. Ensuring that your content is tagged with the relevant words and terms and that these keywords are also woven into your website text and copywriting is essential in this regard. So the first step for the best UX is arguably to have your business website poised and primed to attract and retain the correct users and traffic online. Following this then, your website should fulfil their needs in an easy and pain-free manner.

Content again is essential here. Making sure that the likes of opening times, contact information and product and / or service offerings are clearly visible. However how these are presented and rendered for your website users has a huge effect on their user experience. To give them the best UX possible, you may choose to implement eye-catching images and graphics to draw their attention to important parts of your website – maybe even videos and animations. Highlighting content in this way also means that it is easily discoverable, thus making for a pain-free user experience on your business website. When it comes to content, consider speed too as an important factor. Not only should it (and your website overall) load in a swift and speedy manner, but it should also not take long for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Don’t forget how quick it takes for them to click / tap on the back button one or two times to bring them back to the SERP and then one step away from one of your competitor websites . . .

While the best UX works on the tangible level that is mentioned above, it also has more lingering long-term effects. Those who use your website and enjoy their user experience will remember it fondly and yearn to return should your business be capable of fulfilling their needs again in the future. As such, the best UX comes with the best effect – gaining promoters of your business.