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The Macro Appeal of Micro Copy

When conveying information to visitors on your website, the use of micro copy can help greatly. As the name suggests, micro copy takes the form of small snippets of text that can clarify certain elements of your website and add content to them. From whitepapers to blogs and even sign-up forms; micro copy is a great little addition to help achieve conversions by providing clarity.

What is Micro Copy?
It is often the most simple things that are most effective and micro copy is no exception to this. It is simply an additional few words of text that appear alongside another website element. This can appear to address any questions your website visitors may have so that they do not have to navigate away from the webpage (or your website) to get the additional information that they need. In this way, effective use of micro copy curbs bounces and promotes conversions. One may wonder why a website design would not just include this text if it is so miniscule; but this is something which affects the user experience. Namely, you may have a completely clear interface that you do not wish to clutter by adding any text. Micro copy appearing in a lightbox is a solution to this. Click / Tap here to learn about the Webheads UX – expert, user-driven web design.

Examples of Micro Copy
You have most likely encountered micro copy in many places and on many websites online. MailChimp for example uses it if you try to create an account but the username is already taken by displaying the microcopy of “Another user with this username already exists . . .”. Google Drive also continuously uses micro copy to show you the progress on docs and spreadsheets etc. “All changes saved . . .”. It is also commonly seen on sign-up forms. If you are wondering why you have to enter your date of birth for example; a snippet of microcopy may appear to let you know that you must be over the age of eighteen to make an account. On more technical and complex articles, some words or phrases may be underlined and upon hovering over them, a micro copy explanation of the words or phrases can appear. As you can see, these examples are miniscule – but their effects are gargantuan. Micro copy can often be the final push of assistance in completing website actions and achieving conversions.

How to Insert Microcopy
To ensure that micro copy does not infringe on existing design elements or impede on website speed; it is always advisable to contact a professional website designer to implement it properly. This can involve hard coding – especially when working with a custom website design. Some of the most popular ways to display micro copy are via popups/lightboxes or as additions built into sign-up forms. It can technically be used on any webpage, but it makes sense to use it where it is best suited to assisting your website visitors. Therefore featuring it on sign-up forms, shopping carts and to provide status updates and confirmations are all great avenues to explore.

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