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Intranets and Extranets Explained

Although it has been known that intranets and extranets have rapidly advanced in the last twenty years or so, it is fair to say that this software is still relatively new. These types of softwares evolved from other networks that had a basic design which usually didn’t include much augmentation or tweaking capabilities. The most that intranets and extranets could do in the past was combine and share small sized documents or allow companies to communicate with their vendors.

The intranet and extranet platforms of today have really evolved and are a lot more adaptable and flexible, with a broad range of communication options, document storage, project management tools and integrations. These days more than ever, such platforms are becoming a business to business (B2B) necessity that can’t afford to be overlooked or underestimated in today’s modern world. Today both intranets and extranets live in harmony as part of a modern software. One of the biggest benefits the user would have gained from these type of software would be that it combines intranet and extranet into a single package – which eliminates integration and communication issues that can occur from different software platforms.

A unique benefit to an intranet is that it can act as a centralised information point that can connect members regularly. Within any organisation, the intranet can become the ultimate knowledge base. Each member of staff can receive companywide announcements, disperse knowledge to peers, create forums for general questions and answers and it also allows staff to be a lot more aligned with the overall goals and targets of an organisation. Equally an extranet also offers great benefits such a providing a highly secure space that is properly designed for protection and security to an organisation. For example within certain industries such as medical or insurance; security is of the utmost importance and a breach or a leak of data could cause catastrophic results in some cases. Extranet is best implemented for its capability to provide 24/7 customer satisfaction by allowing clients to work together without any barriers.

Implementing intranets and extranets into your business can ensure that both internal and external processes are always carried out in a smooth and time effective manner. These platforms are easy to use and can be modified to meet the needs of each and every organisation.