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igtv how to get more people watching your videos

How to Get More People Watching Your Videos

Video is a popular feature on many websites - from home page videos offering the viewer a unique welcome to your site and to providing a deeper look at your products helping the user with their decision making process and more. Here we give you some insight on how to get more people watching your videos.

Although video is very inviting and makes for interesting content, it is important to ensure that your video is entirely accessible (which is key to getting more people to watch your videos). There are many different practices you can apply to do just that, such as following video accessibility best practices when creating your videos and also by using an accessible video player at all times.

Video Accessibility Best Practices

Some important practices to follow when applying video accessibilities is to be sure to disable your audio-play and loop. There is nothing more irritating for users when an audio immediately starts playing when viewing a website. If someone visits your website in a public place and this happens, more often than not they would exit the website immediately. Another important practice to consider would be to properly format your onscreen text and subtitles.

When wondering how to get more people watching your videos, it is important to consider different components such as your colour choice for your text and background it will display on. It is essential to achieve the correct balance of colour between the text and background and present a seamless experience for the viewer. Viewers who may suffer with dizziness or are visually impaired may not respond well if these practices are not in place; thus encouraging them to not recommend your video and to exit your website without a second thought (but with a bad first impression).

Using an Accessible Video Player

Other important methods to consider when you are trying to get more people watching your videos is to make sure that you are using an accessible video player. YouTube would be a popular example for a video-sharing platform, however there are many others that can offer you a much wider range of capabilities which will get you those views. JW Player for example might not be as popular or inexpensive as YouTube, but this platform can offer your videos almost every feature needed to make your videos more accessible – from multilingual support to background opacity.

By having these processes in place, you can be guaranteed that your viewers will enjoy your content to its fullest potential and to also have control of how they view your videos. Allowing viewers the ability to play your content in ways that meet their individual needs will guarantee much greater views and get more people watching your videos than ever before.

As a leading London web agency with over two decades of experience, we here at Webheads can help turbocharge your website and online presence with video content that not only works, but works to convert.