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A Look at Cyberpunk Design in Websites

Originally inspired by the science fiction movement of the 60s, cyberpunk design soon took the web by storm simply due to being all about the future and high-end technologies. Such smart technologies like cybernetics and artificial intelligence have brought many changes and transitions to the world wide web. However cyberpunk design has grown to fit into the present day, with a wide range of absorbing and engaging capabilities. Some would argue that it is essential to be familiar with the popular subgenre.

Although cyberpunk design is not the answer for every web designer (and could in fact be the complete wrong fit) making certain projects look ridiculous, this does not mean that web designers cannot enjoy a slice of its unique qualities such as a slight adaption to the infamous cyberpunk pink which has proved its popularity to the point where it has been considered a trend of 2020. Gaming and arcade website design is a well-known example that blends the cyberpunk tones (such as pink neon) for example.

Other very popular tones from cyberpunk design would be purple and neon blue which is incorporated beautifully by The Geek Designer. With these tones, many designers have created a sense of being in a post disco era, giving a great sense of personality to a website, allowing the users mind to run riot. Toonami also improved their design by using these cyberpunk design colours, transforming their interface into an endearing visual for the user.

In contrast to the previous examples, Boxbay incorporate these cyberpunk colours in a much darker stark contrast. The difference here is that The Geek Designer and the like all represent a digital space for portfolios of creatives, however Boxbay has cleverly used these colours to represent a very business-orientated company. They have quite simply achieved this by using the most trending colours in several different shades in tandem with the neon blue which encourages a much more corporate feel to the brand image. This also gives a futuristic feel, demonstrating that the company specialises with high-end technologies.

The recent popularity of cyberpunk design has shown that it has the capabilities to outlive some other web design trends. By enhancing the primary shades of purple, pink and neon blue, you are already on the right track to developing a truly innovative user interface that will stand the test of time within the current digital climate.