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Budweiser’s Bud Pride Revolution

As a leading London web agency, Webheads were delighted to be able to work with Budweiser for their 2019 pride campaign. Working in conjunction with the Revolt London design agency, we lent our web expertise to the project which saw the iconic brand rebrand for pride month to show their allegiance with “everyone within the LGBTQIA+ community”.

Becoming a sponsor of London pride this year, the Budweiser brand is due to have a big presence at the pride parade on the 6th of July 2019. With this, they have launched a website (Bud Pride) and designed nine different cups to highlight and represent different communities by the flags and colours they can be seen to be represented by. We worked with them and Revolt London to make a responsive and informative website design so that visitors can learn about each community in a simple and straightforward manner – backed by the colours of the cups contained within a slick and speedy slider.

We are always very happy to support diversity and were glad to be able to use our expertise gained over almost thirty years in business to educate people on both pride and inclusivity. For the Bud Pride website, we crafted a custom full-screen design that was empowered with high-quality imagery and a clever mix of both normal text and microcopy. The use of micrcopy also relayed a keen support and sign of the times by Budweiser as it states “We’d love you to keep your cup as a memento of Pride. But if not, it is fully recyclable.” Drawing the visitors naturally into the website with an expert user experience (UX) helped them to learn more about not only the different communities associated with pride and Budweiser’s support of them; but also of some charities and helplines for those who feel they may need their services and support.

Thoroughly modern in the best way possible, the Webheads web expertise here worked wonders to empower the Bud Pride campaign with accessibility and scope to be seen by as many people as possible. We loved working on it and working with Revolt London to produce this project with pride.