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bar and restaurant website design london webheads

Bar and Restaurant Website Design

Bars and restaurants are now re-opening across the world with massive restrictions in place to help stop the spread of a certain virus . . . As such, this branch of the hospitality sector is undergoing a major digital makeover in order to withstand the massive burden 2020 has dispensed upon them.

In order to survive in this new normal, bars and restaurants can no longer rely on their basic website or Facebook page that would usually suffice when keeping in touch with their customers, notifying them of new changes or additions to their menu. They now need support from web designers more than ever to achieve a seamless digital transformation and more modern and sophisticated capabilities that will help them operate internally. That is why we here at Webheads are proud to offer dedicated bar and restaurant website design.

Some innovative new ways of operating in these premises have already implemented and would include the likes of cloud-based management and display systems. This allows customers to make reservations online and view a digital menu ahead of their scheduled outing. Customers can then be provided with QR codes at their table which will allow them to make an order and also pay for their order completely contactless. Web designers are using other effective transitions on websites to give the user a greater lifelike and interactive experience. For example, In-N-Out Burger do this quite well where the customer selects their burger of choice, the food then slides into the frame as if it were being handed to the customer in real life. You can also see our work for the Planet Hollywood London website here where we worked to create a custom website design that brought the brand to life and imparted the physical experience of the restaurant – all in the digital space.

Yet another important feature bars and restaurants are now using as a quick fix in order to get back to business is an online ordering system and a reservations systems. Although in some regards this is the bare minimum, it helps in providing a great starting point in this digital transition as it allows them to control ordering, capture more profit and drive their customers to their website, opening a space for a creative digital opportunity later on. This aspect can also feed into our API (advanced programme interface work) which we have completed for many global brands to seamlessly add external booking capabilities to their website.

The important of bar and restaurant website design can also be justified beyond just food orders and making reservations and booking. Other important features our expert web designers can help with when it comes to the new digital hospitality world is the increase in demand for online gift vouchers, subscription services for take-outs, alcohol deliveries, home cooking kits, memberships and more. Economically speaking, bars and restaurants cannot close their doors again therefore there is a lot we can do to help develop their digital footprint and maximise their profit potential from an online perspective. Design and user experience (UX) along with mouth-watering content is the new way forward to creating monetised avenues for the sector and as a leading London web agency with over two decades of experience; Webheads can help.