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Webheads / About us / History


We’re very proud of the fact that Webheads has been around since 1994, but we know that it’s the future that matters. Over the years, just about everything has changed in the world of the web except our commitment – to provide our clients with web solutions that work and provide real returns.

That’s why Webheads is a success story that has gone from strength to strength – as our clients’ requirements have advanced so have we. The internet has merged with many other areas of technology and media; our innovative and multi-dimensional approach and web philosophy has kept up with it all.

Webheads was started by JM Littman in 1994, at the very dawn of the internet era. Coming from a background of PR & Marketing, the company focus has always been creating web sites and solutions that bring real returns, whether that’s increased eCommerce sales, more marketing leads or the effective promotion of your company and products. Uniquely, the original Webheads team is still at the core of the company.