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#Webheads Trends Worldwide

When #webheads started trending across Twitter the other night, we waited with baited breath for some sort of scandal... Hey, we lead exciting lives for web people.

Don’t be fooled by our technical know-how and pleasant, professional demeanours – we’re wild! Sadly, a compromising photo of us on a yacht somewhere in the Med didn’t turn up. In fact, the pictures that did show up were a little confusing:

#webheads was going mad and we were determined to know why. Twitter was awash with young kids tweeting about their love of Webheads. Now, our Website Design Service is second-to-none, our New Media Solutions?
Out of this world. But to create such interest amongst the youth of Twitter…? And to such an extent in the USA? It all seemed a bit peculiar.


Then someone sent us this video and we were flattered that someone would make a fan film for us…


Turns out that it was all to do with a new TV programme on Nickelodeon called (you’ve guessed it) Webheads.

It could give Noel’s House Party or Fun House (remember them?) a run for their money. Gunge, squealing teenagers and physical challenges. Plus… viral videos, because it wouldn’t be a Ryan Seacrest venture if it wasn’t the same old, same old with a slight twist.

Little known fact: Gunge has been used in light entertainment for kids since the Stone Age.

(NB we haven’t researched this fact)

We’ve watched the trailer and still aren’t quite clear on what’s going on. Even after the host tries to describe it, we’re none the wiser. “Webheads is pretty crazy,” he excitedly explains. “We basically took all the funniest videos on the Internet and made it into a game show. So we got kids coming in and … in Round 1, guessing what happens next. Say Manny has a video and he’s going for the dive and we pause it right before Manny’s dive and say what’s going to happen next. Is it going to be A) he’s gonna face-plant in the sand, B) his pants are going to rip, or C) he’s going to get an awesome save. And if you get it right, you get points.”

We have had so many American kids saying how much they love us over the past few days that we’re starting to feel uncomfortable. So, once and for all, just to be clear, these are the main differences between us (Webheads) and Nickelodeon’s Webheads:


Nickelodeon’s Webheads


The Real Webheads


Screaming, pre-pubescent version of the Crystal Maze with random videos of cats and people falling off skateboards.

Award-winning UK web agency, problem solvers and all round bonne œufs.

Launched by Ryan Seacrest, who you’ll know from American Idol.Once said, “I am looking forward to being part of the E! team. This unique opportunity allows my company to take the next step in providing multimedia content.”

Launched by JM Littman, who you’ll know from the race track.

Once said, “Websites promote you 24/7.

No employee will do that.”

Hosted by boy band Big Time Rush member, teen heartthrob Carlos PenaVega (nope, us neither).

Hosts of many a fantastic website.

Uses popular viral videos as partof the format.

Totally original, we don’t outsource.

Flashy, fast-paced format.

We do flash websites!

Was originally called “Go Viral”,then called “Webheads”

Was called Webheads before most

of these kids were born.



So it was a case of mistaken identity. And it’s not the first time this has happened on Twitter. Rather hilarious consequences ensue when unwitting people share their names with famous retailers and celebrities. Examples include:


A seven year old American ‘soccer-mad’ boy called @GraysonPerry, who cheerfully tells people (including @BBCRadio4) who mistake him for the sculptor, “I’m not a cross-dresser. Just like you’re not a fact checker.”An American Christian called @WHSmith who replies to questions about the British stationery retailer with the patience of a Saint.A Computer Science Professor at Virginia Tech who had the audacity to call himself @johnlewis. Wisely, he doesn’t rise to the bait and replies with the same formula each time.