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How we get the “Feel Good Factor”

A couple of years ago, the Samaritans ran a poll amongst workers to see what the most fulfilling part of a job was. Relationships came out on top. It’s pretty obvious really.

If you get on with the people you work with, and those you work for, life is going to be pretty sweet. And that’s how we work here at Webheads. We have a great team who work together to bring life to collaborative visions we have with our clients. There’s no better feeling than a job well done.

How we get the Feel Good Factor. In the creative industry, according to, 75% of workers think stimulating work and having a good atmosphere in the office is more important than getting paid a high salary. We reckon that’s spot on and that’s what we aim to provide our employees. In addition to keeping the team happy, we like to keep our clients happy.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to a job well done. There are obvious benefits to creating customer satisfaction:

  • It increases loyalty
  • It promotes customer retention
  • It encourages great word-of-mouth recommendations
  • It boosts a customer’s lifetime value


Webheads builds relationships at a company and on a personal level. A great example of this is our long relationship with Caterham Cars and Caterham F1.  We’d worked with them since 1999. It was our connection with Marketing Director Andy Noble that led to various other projects further down the line. One of which was with Dave Clark who started his company Road Angel, from his garden shed in 2001. The company enjoyed massive success and was sold later for a hefty amount of money! We continue to work on the Road Angel brand and with Dave Clark on his latest project – Senzati (luxury VIP transportation). Our customers know that we deliver and take us with them even when they move on.

The Secret

So how do we do it? How do we retain customers and attract more? It’s simple – we listen. We listen to what our clients want, the direction they want their company to go. Where necessary we recommend our Web Strategy Workshop. This includes sitting down with the client to really get to the bottom of that company’s operations/services, their strengths and weaknesses and a review of their competitors. This drives the creative process and gives everything a more finessed, consistent message and look.

We want to future-proof our websites wherever possible and help them to update when needed. For example, we’ve worked with Planet Hollywood since 2003. We have helped them undergo many changes and we are currently working on their latest website, which goes live in April. It’s vital to take time to learn about their customers and audiences.

“Webheads have provided us with not only a great looking website, but with a total e-marketing tool. Our online customer database has increased 100% every month since the launch and with the Webheads Team we are able to target our customers direct with E-Campaigns” – Planet Hollywood


One of the biggest challenges to achieving customer satisfaction is to delicately manage clients’ expectations. Webheads accomplish this by being realistic about what we deliver – we won’t promise the earth if it isn’t possible. We work with them to bring their ideas to life and give them workable solutions to the problems they might have. Leisure Pass Group is a success story that we are particularly proud of. We have created websites for each of the Group’s city passes, ensuring that each has its own identity, yet adheres to the company’s branding elements.

“The guys at Webheads took the time to fully understand our requirements for the site rebuild, the product and its target market in order to ensure the final product was of the highest quality. We saw a dramatic rise in tablet conversions – over 50%!” – Louis Johnson, Online Marketing Manager, Leisure Pass Group

When it Doesn’t Work

If you’re not happy and the client isn’t happy, you’re not doing it right. It could be that your relationship with the client doesn’t work because it’s not the right fit. Perhaps your visions are too different, or you’re not entirely comfortable with the work that client does. The latter has led us to come up with a list of services or industries that we won’t work with. It’s important to understand your company’s business ethics and to make them clear to potential clients.

And sometimes we’ve had to say goodbye to clients. But even that is an amicable process (we don’t like sad goodbyes, we do fond farewells). We ensure that we handle the separation in a professional, discreet and proper manner. When we recently ‘split’ with MGI they sent us a quote…

“Webheads designed, implemented and managed our increasingly complex website for several years. Their customer service is simply outstanding. Nothing is ever too much trouble and, since critical problems always seem to happen at the worst moment, we frequently got support at night and weekends. JM and his colleagues were unfailingly friendly, helpful and focused on finding a fast, practical solution to whatever came up. We are sad that we have had to move to another agency and will no longer deal with a team that we now consider to be friends of our organisation.” – MGI

We were delighted that they felt that way. We like to think that we are friends to all our clients. That’s the best way to get the ‘feel good factor’ in a job.

Feel Good Factor