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20 Years of Webheads

Reflections on our journey down the internet superhighway. Back on 25th July 1994 Time published this cover. It was the start of a new journey for all of us and, like the industrial revolution before it, nobody quite knew where we were all heading.

Webheads got started as one man and his dog in the same month in 1994 – actually, one man and his dogs, to be precise. JM’s first website design and build was done to showcase his team of huskies. Most sites on the web at that time were just hobby sites. Microsoft for instance didn’t have a website until 1996! Unfortunately we don’t have copies of the first few Webheads websites but our first paid website was for a (pictured left & below). Effectively it was an early ecommerce site, selling some great photo boxsets from the likes of David Bowie, Perhaps the first of it’s kind to try and sell something from a website. Of course there was no payment gateways and Paypal was still 4 years away!

Through the mid nineties Webheads began to gather momentum embracing every possibility in the new web era. Early clients included bands, car racing teams, charities as well as some larger named clients Cisco Systems, Abott Labs, Nycomed Amersham & DKB.

As the possibilities of the web grew, so did Webheads’ capabilities. The company was growing with the technology. New members joined the team and by the late nineties it had expanded to 5 people.

By now Webheads was creating web sites for a highly diverse range of businesses. Some of the more interesting included Caterham Cars, Planet Hollywood & Road Angel.

The new millennium saw Webheads reinforcing its reputation for building highly effective websites for businesses that were becoming more and more aware of the potential. Particularly the ecommerce potential.

By 2010 Webheads had completed over 500 projects and new horizons were opening up. Global businesses like Kuehne & Nagel came on board. Clients now covered just about every industry and services sector you could think of. Something that has always been important for us is that we only work for ethical companies. You want find us working for an tobacco or online gambling companies!

Today we are perfectly equipped to supply clients with the very best in web design and build. We have had the experience of the past and we have the vision for the future.

We continue to expand our disciplines with in recent years a more brand development focus to all we do. As we type, our New York office, WDC Agency NYC, has just opened its doors and we’re already talking to our first US based clients.

20 years down the road we’re the most established web agency in Europe and possibly the world! We’re still creating sites for some of those early clients and it’s great to be working with a super team of coders and designers – thanks to them and our wonderful clients – Bring on the next 20 years!

20 years of webheads 1994